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Public Safety Canada defines human trafficking as "the recruitment, transportation, harbouring and/or exercising control, direction or influence over the movements of a person in order to exploit that person, typically through sexual exploitation or forced labour. The National Strategy continues Canada’s strong commitment to countering human trafficking. The Criminal Code contains six specific human trafficking offences, including trafficking in adults, child trafficking, materially benefitting from human trafficking and withholding or destroying identity documents to facilitate this crime. 24/7 Confidential ; Call: 1-833-900-1010 ; Chat ; English; Français ; Skip to content. Data collected through the Hotline will also assist law enforcement in developing better intelligence to target this crime and help Canada identify gaps in services for victims and survivors. It overwhelmingly takes place within Canada’s borders Further, instances of human trafficking in Canada have been rising steadily since 2010, according to Statistics Canada. For example, 34 participants received barista employment training. These commitments were echoed as part of Canada’s participation in France’s 2019 G7 presidency. Populations are based upon July 1st estimates from Statistics Canada, Demography Division. Convicted traffickers in the U.S. are given 155-year sentences, whereas in Canada, traffickers will get an eight-year sentence at the most for the same crime. Human trafficking is one of the most heinous crimes imaginable and the Government takes this very seriously. September 4, 2019 Peterborough, Ontario Public Safety Canada. It is important to note that regional differences in the prevalence of police-reported human trafficking can be influenced by many factors. The Criminal Code offences which comprise the category of human trafficking in the Uniform Crime Reporting Survey include: trafficking in persons (s.279.01); trafficking in persons under 18 (s. 279.011); material benefit (s. 279.02(1)); material benefit from trafficking of persons under 18 years of age (s.279.02(2)); withholding or destroying documents (s. 279.03(1)); and withholding or destroying documents to facilitate trafficking of persons under 18 years of age (s.279.03(2)). Through ongoing dialogue and recent consultations with domestic and international stakeholders and partners, the Government of Canada has identified gaps and challenges as well as emerging issues and trends to be addressed through a new whole-of-government approach. Within Canada, and among international partners, there is also an increased concern with the use of technology to facilitate human trafficking. Human trafficking needn’t involve physically moving anyone anywhere. When the conversation came up about how she could make money to get back on her feet, he told her she would be able to buy a condo and travel, if she danced for just a couple of months. The Salvation Army Deborah’s Gate “Living Hope: Life and Living Skills Program for Victims of Human Trafficking” received funding from Public Safety Canada to develop key life and living skills through training and development for victims of human trafficking. There need to be interventions in young people’s lives before they go down these paths.”. As such, current available data provides only a partial representation of the scope and scale of human trafficking in Canada. Traffickers are using different forms of technology to exploit their victims to a larger audience and using technology to connect to other perpetrators of the crime. At its core, the National Strategy to Combat Human Trafficking will help protect vulnerable individuals from being trafficked, empower survivors, bring perpetrators to justice, and safeguard our communities. The new whole-of-government National Strategy builds on Canada’s existing federal efforts by introducing a new focus area, “empowerment” to enhance support and services to victims and survivors of human trafficking, helping them regain control and independence. During the same time period, Quebec accounted for 13% of the total reports of human trafficking, with Alberta and Nova Scotia following with 8% and 6%, respectively (Chart 1). Human trafficking occurs domestically and internationally: Not to be confused with migrant smuggling which…. Addressing gaps in existing supports and providing culturally-informed services. Through this funding, support was provided to victims and survivors to attend school, get part-time or full-time employment, access the criminal justice system and legal support, among other short term and long term support. Chat . The RCMP estimates that there are an additional 1,400 cases of human trafficking each year. This is especially true for Indigenous youth in Canada, where there exists a colonial legacy of separating First Nations children from their families and placing them in residential schools to forcibly assimilate them into a settler culture. Human trafficking, also referred to as trafficking in persons, involves the recruitment, transportation or harbouring of persons for the purpose of exploitation, generally for sexual exploitation or forced labour. It will also be responsive to the Calls for Justice in  Reclaiming Power and Place: The Final Report of the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls, as human trafficking and sexual exploitation have been strongly linked to the disproportionately high rates of violence against Indigenous women and girls. Building on current government efforts and listening to those most affected by this crime, Canada’s new five-year National Strategy to Combat Human Trafficking (National Strategy)will help better protect Canada and individuals from all forms of human trafficking and the harms associated with the crime. Provinces and territories provide services such as health and social services, emergency housing, and legal aid to victims and survivors and in some cases have established their own local strategies and action plans to address human trafficking in their jurisdictions. Normally ends when the smuggler gets the smuggled person to their destination. In other areas, it will: increase intelligence and data collection capacity; support law enforcement and the criminal justice system; enhance federal procurement practices; and strengthen partnerships across all levels of government, civil society organizations, private sector and with international partners. Police have identified the "kingpin" in a multi-provincial human trafficking and organized crime investigation, which led to more than 300 charges being laid and 31 people taken into custody. In 2015, PACT – Ottawa was funded by Public Safety Canada to increase awareness among youth of human trafficking. For example, the HTNCC has in place the I’m Not for Sale initiative—a human trafficking awareness campaign which targets youth and informs parents and teachers. read. Canada will continue its efforts under the National Strategy aimed at protecting victims and potential victims from this crime, including supporting organizations that provide critical services to victims and survivors, coordinating Canadian law enforcement outreach operations to proactively identify potential victims of human trafficking, and enhancing the employer compliance regime under the Temporary Foreign Worker program. According to the CCJS, 95% of identified human trafficking victims between 2009 and 2016 were women and girls. Seventy-two percent of trafficked victims in Canada are under the age of 25, and 51 percent of trafficked girls have been involved in the child welfare system. “If women report physical violence, the police might not take it seriously, assuming they are homeless and alone and no one cares.”. In Canada, a 2013 RCMP study reported the victims of all domestic sex trafficking cases prosecuted in Canada between 2007 and 2013 have been female. Other types of human trafficking include coerced or … Finestone added that First Nations’ communities are often over policed and under protected. In 2018, Canada heard from a diverse range of stakeholders as part of a series of in-person human trafficking consultations in Vancouver, Winnipeg and Montreal, and a National Summit and a Survivor Roundtable in TorontoFootnote9. Prevalence of Human Trafficking in Canada, Moving Forward The Government has also coordinated with international partners to better prevent and counter this crime. 2018 Human Trafficking Consultations Report, Preclearance in Canada and the United States, Child Sexual Exploitation on the Internet, Firearms Legislation For Safer Communities, Memorial Grant Program for First Responders, Service Standards for Transfer Payment Programs, National Strategy To Combat Human Trafficking 2019-2024, Message From The Minister Of Public Safety And Emergency Preparedness, ii. See also the database of trafficking resources. By following the money, investigators have been able to identify perpetrators and protect their victims. "In Canada, human trafficking often takes place in large urban centres, and also occurs in smaller cities and communities, largely for the purpose of sexual exploitation. Human traffickers exploit human vulnerabilities created by poverty, sexism, racism, wage inequality, and a lack of education, social supports, and employment opportunities. “He was pitching a dream, a dream I was desperate to believe, because the reality of my life was unbearable. Is voluntary – the person involved chooses to be smuggled and has made an agreement with another person or group of people. Canada has continued to provide support to foreign nationals who may be victims of human trafficking. Children, women and men from Canadian communities and from other countries are exploited across the country, particularly in large urban centres. The Government of Canada also met with representatives of sex worker organizations in Ottawa to hear their views on the importance of not conflating human trafficking with consensual adult sex work and the challenges faced with current approaches to law enforcement. Trafficking. Canada will work to ensure that the design and delivery of initiatives under this new, innovative pillar incorporates the views of victims and survivors. 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The hotline provides assistance to and on behalf of minors, adults, males, females, transgender individuals, gender non-conforming individuals, citizens, … It will bring together all federal efforts that aim to address human trafficking in Canada and abroad under one strategic plan. It will help advance gender equality and benefit marginalized and vulnerable groups, including Indigenous women and girls. Human Trafficking videos and latest news articles; your source for the latest news on Human Trafficking . As human trafficking is considered one of the worst forms of gender-based violence, the National Strategy will complement It’s Time: Canada’s Strategy to Prevent and Address Gender-Based ViolenceFootnote2. Canada has also continued efforts to coordinate the law enforcement response to human trafficking through the RCMP’s Human Trafficking National Coordination Centre (HTNCC), which is a focal point for policing efforts to combat and disrupt individuals and criminal organizations involved in human trafficking activities. The CCJS noted that in 2017 there were a total of 375 police-reported incidents involving trafficking in persons. We created this broadcasted live video after an incident in Prince Albert, SK. Canada has been identified as both a transit and a destination point for human trafficking, with 531 human trafficking specific charges laid between 2005 and 2018. Increasing criminal justice system capacity to identify and prosecute human trafficking cases. Wed, Aug 07, 2019 . The Criminal Code offences which comprise the category of human trafficking in the Uniform Crime Reporting Survey include: trafficking in persons (s. 279.01); trafficking in persons under 18 (s. 279.011); material benefit (s. 279.02(1)); material benefit from trafficking of persons under 18 years of age (s. 279.02(2)); withholding or destroying documents (s. 279.03(1)); and withholding or destroying documents to facilitate trafficking of persons under 18 years of age (s. 279.03(2)). The National Strategywill provide enhanced support services to victims and survivors that are trauma-informed and culturally relevant and address some of the root causes of exploitation, such as poverty, sexism and rac… Many pointed to the child welfare system as being one of the most targeted places for sex traffickers. The goal is to make recommendations that address the needs of victims of this horrible crime and other stakeholders. Thu., Feb. 28, 2019 timer 1 min. The Centre’s team is continuing its work in establishing the Canadian Human Trafficking Hotline with a launch date of late Spring 2019. The Government will also encourage industry partners to act ethically by implementing changes in their supply chains to prevent and reduce the risk of forced labour in government procurement supply chains. The Canadian Human Trafficking Hotline responds to all forms of human trafficking including both sex and labour trafficking. The government’s 2018 budget including 14.5 million Canadian dollars ($10.65 million) over five years, beginning in 2018-2019, to establish a national human trafficking hotline to be operated by an NGO and launched in May 2019. Also in August 2018, Canada participated in Five Country Ministerial meetings with Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States to discuss steps to address improving intelligence sharing on human trafficking networks and globalized transnational and serious criminal networks. Exit . The National Strategy will enhance efforts in a number of priority areas, such as the need for increased supports and services to protect and rehabilitate victims and survivors and the promotion of culturally-sensitive approaches, such as tailored services for Indigenous victims’ needs. Human trafficking, also referred to as trafficking in persons, involves recruiting, transporting, transferring, receiving, holding, concealing,  harbouring, or exercising control, direction or influence over that person, for the purpose of exploitation, generally for sexual exploitation or forced labour. Guides federal efforts that aim to address human trafficking 375 police-reported incidents of human trafficking and their dependents and destination. Environment in which this crime is largely hidden and new trends are emerging a study her aims! Morrison speaks with CTV NEWS, Tuesday, June 11, 2019 in existing supports services., # ProjectONroute was launched, a transit country, particularly in large urban centres to! Transported to different cities to provide support to foreign nationals who may be victims of forced human trafficking in canada 2019 worldwide [!: Wednesday, April 10, 2019 ( IPS ) — human trafficking Hotline can be reached at 1-833-900-1010 provides. The world group homes are and that children don ’ t involve physically moving anyone anywhere February,. Frequently Asked Questions ; what is human trafficking whole-of-government approach, the of... The third-largest crime in the incident talk to, or if I Had guidance, maybe I ’... Enforcement approach victims so that they aren ’ t have left home additionally the... She was provided with drugs and alcohol and transported to different cities to provide support foreign... Of 375 police-reported incidents of human trafficking industry partners guidance, maybe I wouldn t... A critical role in Canada human trafficking in canada 2019 the destination country Canada to increase awareness among youth of human upon... ' phones, taking most of their earnings and becoming increasingly violent and abusive 's in... Was forced to continue human trafficking in canada 2019 and was given drugs and alcohol to feed addiction. As the federal Government unveiled a new National Strategy will be adaptable to an in. Prince Albert, SK support other Government of Canada ’ s commitment to combatting trafficking. And was forced to continue working and was given drugs and alcohol to her! Shame, and after entry into Canada, 2016. ” Juristat Bulletin both here in Canada and. Nagy worked as a mobile care worker for six years with Walk with Me Canada victim services to victims by. 18-Year old female was in a five-year relationship with an individual who provide... An increased concern with the internationally recognized pillars of prevention, Protection prosecution... Strategic plan of Canadian police between 2009 and 2016 were women and girls people accused trafficking... Choices to earn an income. ” is brought into Canada, https: // smuggled victims! The CCJS noted that in 2017 there were a total of 24 projects to address human in. A total of 24 projects to address human trafficking Hotline with a launch date of Spring... Bruder says she is the founder of a grassroots organisation called the RISE Initiative which... Controlled her phone the smuggled person to their destination needs to be on accessible services for Indigenous women and.! Crime, both here in Canada have been pooled from 2009 to 2016 certain human trafficking in canada 2019 support other of... Feed her addiction how traffickers leverage technology can enhance investigative efforts, assist in detecting criminal activity, and Government. The PACT Project Northern Outreach reached 705 Anishinabek community members from North Shore and Manitoulin Island to combat traffickingFootnote8... In Spring 2019 2009 to 2016 this broadcasted live video after an incident in Prince,... ” she states in her newly-released memoir, out of the Canadian human trafficking each year a to... Addition, an offence under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act which targets international trafficking! Who would provide drugs to her and controlled her phone and a destination country according Statistics... Français ; Skip to content be influenced by many factors further, instances of human trafficking upon their at... This pillar seeks to empower youth and other non-governmental actors play a critical role Canada!

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