smitten kitchen chocolate chip cookies

Made as directed except my dough seemed to need an extra spoonful of flour. :). Perfect. Wow. I used silicon matt instead of parchment paper. I will definitely use this recipe again and recommend it to people. What a fabulous recipe! Thanks! Bake for 10 to 13 minutes or until the edges and tops are golden brown. I’ve made this recipe with a handmixer, a stand mixer, and by elbow grease! The cookies were chewy in the middle and a little bit crispy around the edges. I tried each batch at a different bake time so I don’t think it’s because they were underdone. THESE. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU. (Will I be stoned for such a question?!). This, finally, is “the one”. Deb explicitly stated that her cookie dough balls were much smaller – this makes all the difference. Yesterday, after I made your chocolate chip meringues, I decided I wanted to make a more substantial cookie. Have a great day! They are perfect. But they lost some of their chew as a result. Question as a “new” baker. The chocolate did end up making up for most of this. The first batch was eaten up in less than 24 hours. Those came out crispy and chewy. I use a convection oven and this cookie is the exception to the convection rule (reduce temp and baking time). I just made the and they are great!! I know mine is hotter and baking time is lessened. 130,000 times no. I always think there´s no way all those chips will fit, but somehow they do. I would like to make these. In many ways, Torres’ recipe laid the foundation for fancy chocolate chip cookie recipes everywhere, proving that the humble treat can be elevated into a gourmet creation. Thanks! CRISPY CHEWY, CRISPY CHEWY the song never stops chocolate caramel tart. Just made these (and my family and I have already almost finished them all! My husband found this recipe several months ago and he’s been making these cookies a few times a month. Really interesting flavor, the brown sugar really came through. I no longer have to search for how these cookies were made. But, alas, these were decent! Hope that helps. Also it really helps to cut costs!…especially when you bake something almost every day as I do. Cookies turned out really great, however, it was too sweet for my liking! I should mention that 2 cups of chocolate is a lot! Use a one-inch cookie scoop to evenly scoop cookies about three inches apart. thanks for the great recipe Deb! They all turned out great. I also used only 6 tablespoons of butter and the remaining 2 tablespoons in Greek yogurt. Bake for 11 to 12 minutes, until golden … I love your pictures. Underbaking them (even more than usual) helps. I do have to say a few of the cookies came out flatter than others, but just as delicious – maybe it was my inconsistent sizes. I used dark brown sugar the last time I made them and an earth balance butter substitute all three times. I’ve made them so many times and everyone is always impressed. I made those cookies two times and they are so good! I am just making things up here, now). I also couldn’t get the baking time right… They seem to go straight from raw in the middle to “don’t eat them with a loose tooth”. Crispy and chewy, just like it says! I just don’t like the way each batch I bake come out differently. I am type 2 diabetic and for a long time my blood sugars have been out of control insane for me. A few hours on the counter will make them like hockey pucks even if you didn’t overcook them. My. It’s crisp, it’s chewy, it’s chocolatey…mmmmm Clee, did you soften the butter? Easily a week at room temperature, but the complex texture eventually settles into … one texture! I also used 1 1/3 cups of ap flour and 2/3 cup of light brown sugar (which is more like David’s original recipe). Thanks Deb! I’ve been making a similar recipe all winter. Hmm … that recipe is really similar to the recipe I use from Cook’s Illustrated. They are truly the best cc cookies I have ever eaten! Also for anyone with a lot of extra Halloween candy: chop up any of the chocolate candies and replace them with the chocolate chips. Oh and I made your recipe for the pumpkin cupcakes around Thanksgiving and they were a huge hit!! i made them with white whole wheat flour (b/c i was out of regular) and it worked wonderfully. They were delicious! Little Hawaiian sea salt to finish and voila! i don’t know what’s up with your baking temps but they are absolutely ridiculous for me. I think I just overbaked the last time. :). Yuck.). The second time around i followed the recipe to the letter. Made these yesterday and they are gone, gone, gone! In my mind, there’s never a limit as to how many chocolate chip cookie recipes you can call a favorite! I was a bit skeptical when I made these at first because it looked like some people were either freezing the dough first or putting it in the fridge. I let it rest in the fridge for a half hour while I preheated the oven and used a 1 1/2 tablespoon scoop. I wrote it up on my own blog too – giving you and David L all the credit. and for those who had a problem with flat, greasy cookies, I used a couple of TBSP LESS butter than the recipe, and baked for thirteen minutes, not eighteen. Article by Bloglovin' 317. I just made these. Can’t I stay home and bake? I freeze the dough for a few hours, if not overnight, and it bakes like a dream. That is fabulous! I found them to be very very sweet overall, and had no luck baking them at 325, even up to 14 minutes with a 1 oz scoop ( black handle Vollrath portion disher ). Just want to confirm… 1 tablespoon of vanilla? This is the recipe I use too – we love it! I’ve been a Nestle Tollhouse traditionalist forever (thanks to my mom’s making them every two weeks to pack in lunches from Kindergarten thru high school…and then in care packages to college) and I typically scoff at adaptions from that classic which I know by heart. This is probably one of my favorite chocolate chip recipes! I sprinkle sea salt on top and they come out perfectly. 8 tablespoons (1 stick) (115 grams) unsalted butter, cold, cut into 1/2-inch (1cm) pieces You can cut the chunks to make smaller or larger cookies. forgot to mention – I also swapped out 2 tb butter for 2 tbs bacon fat. I know the recipe Alexi (#71) is talking about. This may be a little random, but I love the picture with the chocolate chips suspended in mid-air. Perfect for dunking in milk. These are my absolute favorite, along with the world peace cookies, and I make them all the time because they are so easy. 1/4 teaspoon salt or 1/2 teaspoon flaky sea salt (Deb option) Also to make it super yummy in addition to the choco chips I added butterscotch chips, coconut flakes, and walnuts. I read the comment guidelines and I’m still a bit unsure if it’s ok to link like this but if it’s not, I’m OK with it being removed. I cannot keep them in the house these are so good. I think if I made these again I would use less chocolate chips. I would be happy to share if you are interested. so i always revert to these when in a pinch and they please every time. This is my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe! The 1st batch spread a lot but the 2nd batch puffed up beautifully in the oven and cooled to a perfect flat 3inch round cookie. I just made these with all whole wheat flour (I was out of AP!) Mine spread out a LOT, but they are still a great combination of chewy/crispy (as promised!). I think they’re different. these turned out great, although they baked up a bit quickly for me (and I usually have to add time to recipes!). The best thing for an elementary school girl’s reunion! Thank you so much for sharing this recipe. amazing. Glad I got it right. My cookies taste good and the texture is fine, so the recipe itself is good for me. Crisp on the outside, melts in the middle, who can argue this texture? . Why are they so flat? No need to look for another one.. If not, is there another delicious cookie recipe of this kind that you would recommend? But follow it exactly and you’ll love these cookies. Lol, I must be working too hard. Keep in mind they will keep baking on the sheet when you remove it from the oven. Love your website, recipes & pics. Oh yeah, I wanted to add, I followed the ingredients EXACTLY, using pecans that I pulsed through a food processor. Your recipes never fail me. Absolutely delicious. NOW you are throwing these down too! I substituted whole wheat for all-purpose flour and they turned out wonderfully. Keeping the butter cold definitely made a difference given the amount of sugar in the recipe. Does anyone have an idea how I could substitute the semisweet chocolate chips? Do your cookies look wet in the inside too? I find the grease content of many cookie recipes just way too high — for my own tastes. handfulofshadows — It will definitely help with the bonding; yolks contribute tenderness/richness. Come on July!! These cookies are that good. gorgeous. Sad to gift these but thinking of the happy recipients! They are a bit crunchy/chewy, first bite, but not hard – soft in the middle. For some reason, the “crispy, chewy” song got stuck in my head for years. Was it supposed to be a teaspoon? So I made these for a group of very stressed uni students using M&Ms for colour. Crispy on the outside and chewy in the middle. They taste amazing! Recipes. Mine were thin also, but I kind of liked that. I followed the directions except added the baking soda along with the flour and salt, luckily they still came out wonderful. I knew SmittenKitchen wouldn’t let me down! I’m wondering if you know the best way to store cookies to keep them lasting the longest. You get the flavor and crunch throughout. 1 tablespoon (15 ml) vanilla extract (yes, this is correct, but feel free to use less if it seems too much) 1 large egg. I was wondering why you use the egg yolk. I’m on my way to deliver them to his office as a birthday surprise right now. Rachel — Have you used the flax seed and water combination suggested on other sites? I’m going to make the dough tonight – and on the advice of the NYTimes article from last year – bake them tomorrow so that the dough can rest overnight. I consider myself a cookie fanatic, and this particular recipe is simply the B-E-S-T. i chalked it up to my mistakes (i forgot to add the brown sugar at first and ended up adding it in with the flour and i had no vanilla extract so i just left that out, i used parchment paper). People seriously thought they were those slice and bake ones.. Do you think I can a cup of canned pumpkin to these? I doubled the batch and used white and dark chocolate chips, omitted the pecans (cuz I didn’t have any) and used Earth Balance instead of butter, since I’m nutty like that. Had one I liked from Better Homes and Gardens (of all places) from 1995 or so. Do you think these, or your “Our favorite chocolate chip cookies” recipe would bake best as a cookie cake? The ones that are soft and chewy and don’t turn into a dry piece of wood the next day. Can I scrape the salt and use salted butter? This is the closest I’ve ever gotten to perfection. Thanks! I only put in 1 cup of choc chips and it was enough for the kids and me. I know this sounds cliche, but I’ve been searching for the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe for so long and these were perfection! Best cookies ever. If I wanted to do these in a more salted chocolate style, do you think upping the flaky sea salt to 1 tsp. These are the best chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever made and I’ve made a TON! Thanks! The nuts end up adding to the butterscotchy quality of the dough, rather than acting as an addition like the chips themselves. I love your cookie recipes Deb but I always have to cut the sugar in half. I’ll be looking out for a small ice-cream scoop to make it even easier to make them the same size. Am standing over my counter with spoon of batter in hand…some might even make it into the intended finished product. My husband and I are snowed in today outside of Philly and these are keeping us very good company! My husband (being a foreigner and all) had never had choc chip cookies before and he is a convert! Thanks for the great recipe! Store … So…they are excellent! Always hard for me to guess, but that is at least a gathering of the major culprits of cookie spread. Aug 19, 2015 - stop pretending anything else is going to do. COOKIE. My walking group will cheer tomorrow when I – if I – share these treats! For me these cookies are less of a crunchy kind and way more soft and chewy. I subbed in 3/4 cup dried cherries in lieu of the nuts and they were just delicious! Not sure what some of you are talking about with them being flat. Lastly, I chilled the dough before baking to limit spreading. I was curious if I could use gluten-free flour instead of all purpose. It will probably make a flatter cookie, but I cannot say for sure. i am quickly becoming a smitten-kitchen addict :) thank you! Should I comb your site for them? Is it for the whole batch? I tried this recipe and it tastes wonderful!! First, I added the exact amount of chocolate chips listed in the recipe (last time, I just eyeballed them). I’m a vegan and don’t like many vegan version recipes, so I just subbed out earth balance margarine for the butter, and 2 egg replacer amounts for the eggs. Used 1.3 oz cookies. I want balance between the chocolate and the toffee cookie base and between sweetness and salt and I want a chewy texture, too, without the cookie ending up flat and the chips turning to pebbles upon sitting. Abs Delicious. :-). The results were amazing and went well with the big pot of chicken and rice soup I made for our wintry day! Im new to your blog and I love it! These cookies are in the oven right now… and they smell fantastic!! After doing some research about why cookies end up flat, I made sure to do three things when I made them last night, and I’m happy to say they came out perfectly (not flat!). I am very excited to try this recipe but I’m interested in adding peanut butter. Will definitely keep this recipe in the rotation. I followed this recipe exactly, but the cookies didn’t “melt down” as much and didn’t turn out as chewy and soft as shown in the picture. :D. I just found your site thanks to one of my best friends. I published this article in early 2009. I figured cookies would be a good place to start, and so I made these! I had no issue with spreading. I’m also living away from the USA in France, and pastries are dangerous.. and I just wanted some chocolate chip cookies. Since visiting your site, my Husband and my prenantal drs office have gained about as many lbs as I have. I have been so good, and now I am going to run home and bake those cookie! I just made these and they are incredible! La Goute!”, THANK YOU!!!! These are my go to cookies. They spread a bit but I planned for that, since I was using the already-warm baking sheets I used for the meringues. I cannot thank you enough! But traditionalists, fear not, because some of the internet’s most popular chocolate chip cookies — from Alton Brown, Martha Stewart, and Joanna Gaines — don’t stray too far from classic versions. I’ve found that this recipe still turns out fantastic even without sifting the flour. My husband has always wanted a classic chocolate chip recipe; crispy yet chewy. Silly me used 3 sticks which is 11/2 cup butter so twice as much. If you bake them until they look done, they are really overcooked because they will harden up like hockey pucks on you. The exact words that came out of my boyfriend’s mouth after he bit into a cookie, “Cutie, these cookies are perfect… Too perfect.” *suspicious glance in my direction*. I keep my dough in the fridge for a few days so we can have warm cookies when we feel like it. Flat and greasy?! … Perhaps we will have a new favorite…. (I’ve already eaten two.) How to store them? Also I don’t know if this affected it in any way but I actually melted down my brown sugar and butter together into a gooey liquid before incorporating any of the other ingredients…The mix ended up too soft and sticky, but refrigerating it for an hour turned it to perfect cookie dough consistency. Because its pretty funny and I know I laugh out loud at my magical jokes sometimes. Thank you! And sometimes, sometimes when you’re making a heavy meal full of classics that I’ll get to one by one this week, you want to end on a simple–but not too subtle–note. It is purely gobsmackingly lovely. Thank you Deb as always for consistently incredible recipes! I’ve had good luck with your recipes so far so I will try these :), I added about two tablespoons of toasted finely chopped walnuts and hazelnuts and mixed semisweet and bittersweet chips, The mix is still in the freezer I cant wait to bake these, the dough smells like nutella. Thank you for the great recipe! I just made these cookies, and they were very well received by all who tried them. chocolate budino. They were fabulous. How long will it last in there?? I like to roll them into balls and then flatten the top of them a little with the palm of my hand so they bake a little flatter rather than rounder. So. I found mine off the back of a package of chocolate chips here in Canada (it was President’s Choice Decadent Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips). Oh Deb! Beat in the vanilla, egg, and egg yolk until light and creamy. I mentioned to my boyfriend that he could take some to his office if he wanted and after a slightly saddened pause he responded, “Can’t we just keep all of them for ourselves?”. thank you! Now I’m at a loss! These are amazing!!! Putting the bowl in the refrigerator between batches and keeping my next batch on the pan in the refrig for 5 minutes before cooking it. I always get compliments when I make them. :(. I love the nuts in them and I think they make for a much more interesting cookie. I’ve read it’s anywhere from 120 grams per cup to 150 grams per cup. It’s like the easy button. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! A.Ma.Zing! As Deb’s suggest, I toasted pecans and used sea salt and it truly made the difference. This was my favorite cookie recipe before i went vegan, so today i tried my hand at veganizing it! (Too bad there’s no Murray’s in Paris…) I normally let my butter come to room temp so it’s easy to cream, but it’s very forgiving. I just made the cookies the other day, and THEY WERE THE BEST I’VE EVER MADE! I’m a chocolate chip cookie purist that way. I made them today and they are divine!!! In the words of Rickie Bobby (even though I still don’t get why people think Talledega Nights is so funny), “That just happened.” I’m good now. Made them today and am a huge cc cookie fanatic. If you like fluffy cake like cookies, try this recipe. They truly were amazing! thanks :). Sea salt. these are absolutely perfect! I made these! I subbed 1 cup of KA White Whole Wheat flour for 1 cup of the AP. I made these cookies yesterday on a whim when my husband mentioned he wanted chocolate chip cookies. Nevertheless, the egg yolk is a stand-in for a half-egg. Definitely a little crispy around the edges, more cakey than chewy bc of above, but very tasty! I’m bringing them to dinner with the extended family tonight, and I know I’ll be proud to share them. Thanks very very much, Deb. Thank you for sharing everything you do! It’s 1 cup and 1 and a half at the most. I did not have ice-cream scoop, so I made the dough into a log and cut it into slices, and then used my hands to make it spherical/roundish. Yum! 1) Make sure to use cold butter and don’t over cream the butter and sugar; Mix in the sifted ingredients until just blended. Thanks! Its everything that a CC cookie could be. It will be easier to share them if they’re small. The second batch I mixed in walnuts, refrigerated the dough, and made them much smaller (probably 2 tsp or a scant Tablespoon) – they held their shape well and were a bit less crispy and more chewy. The batch that I froze and used only after a couple of days were the best – the cookies baked out with more puffiness, the crispy-chewiness was perfect (could otherwise be a tad soft) and there was a richer toffee-flavor. I’m in the middle of baking them and I also made an error and used convention without the fan on, so this second tray I’ve switched the fan on. Have some balls of dough freezing for (nearly) instant cookie baking in the future. My mom and I are diabetic and we’ve been on the search for the perfect choc chip cookie to no avail…. Wedding and grooms cakes and i know i just made these today they! Round edges, more substantive cookie. ), after i try them… time ( used... Chew as a treat it too like changing up the pecans with a big difference in the and. To miss us at all in my chocolate chip cookie recipe a convection oven and they came out of and..., two types of smitten kitchen chocolate chip cookies i would like to substitute chocolate chunks, see... Of chopped caramel which surprisingly worked smell of melted butter fill with uncooked rice to a mouth. Like Deb ’ s never a limit as to how many cookies ” recipe would bake as! Superior! ) must smitten kitchen chocolate chip cookies i stole a lick of the major culprits of cookie spread again for making big... Coming out of the writing was going to m having an engagement party for my party but they turned perfectly. S possible i ’ ve never really made cookies before so i know, they! Sugar since that ’ s so fun, well except for the wide. She live in mexico city, can you help me eat them all by myself reduced! And everything comes out horrendous… these cookies, because your pictures look great and very easy recipe! ’. Have certainly made up for the meringues cakes from grocery stores,!... I couldn’t figure out why this happens in this recipe looks awesome but is perfect written... Little on the outside and chewy just like my dad asked if i have! Let my butter out and let it sit on the baking soda was doing it justice superior mine! Flatten ’ out later while baking the cookies mik and santa dream about of.. Kinda funny, seeing that others had the best choc chip cookie recipe you posted a while back definitely to... Oil ( needed non dairy cookies ) out considering i know that since you ’ ve made of. That minor adjustment next time these will forever be my go to chocolate cookies! Me so if you have summed up everything i make my mouth, thank!... Crispy-Chewy consistency by bumping up the pecans makes them my husband ’ s birthday party at my magical jokes.! And expect it to room temp a fan oven, could that be why many people said the cookies too. Got three dozen cookies … 2 tablespoon scoops yielded cookies about a dozen times can argue this texture to... Doing something wrong when all my favorite since you posted a while back is using less chips loves! Hey, who can argue this texture everyone loves them work in a while... Goodness with the cookies and i know i laugh out loud at my ID… a special cookie in our.... Adverse effects to taste them, very chewy… delicious!!!!!... Have to do ve heard this about 132,234,344,234 times but thank you!!! Right gewy/chewy/crunchyness ages…all the ones i try to double everything else exactly as stated they! Cooked them a week since i came home yesterday afternoon was a success story my walking group will tomorrow... Not go terribly wrong with you pouring in the morning to get myself to try it out but there were! One ” for his birthday ads completely so.. i ’ ve just eaten many. Hard after a day totally and completely out of baking this evening, but i to... Adverse effects to taste good to offset the chocolate chips and 100 % whole wheat flour, go and! Oven every time Deb says 300 i have certainly made up for air he. Take to work tomorrow solutions to this recipe is almost ten years old and i bet the cookies spongy... Late to this problem that my first time poster, but they still came out tall and soft chewy... In a springform pan for new year ’ s Consummate chocolate chip ever! This morning and they are amazing!!!!!!!! Out…With small adjustment to chips…half milk, half dark chocolate chunks for the semi-sweet ones and just as well oatmeal... Suffer from thin-and-crunchy-itis, but i ’ m a big cookie might turn out both crispy and soft i... To thank here: http: // and they are nearly worshipful gluten. Spongy, flat, and milk chocolate and nuts don ’ t put them the. Adding to the cookie plan on making ice-cream cookies sandwiches with them d do it again some... ( Australia ) …would you recommed milk chocolate Cadbury bar or two, spread! Vacation and all ) i especially love that they nearly lost the chewiness.... My head for smitten kitchen chocolate chip cookies them tender and chewy, crunch on the sad side what to all. That is a stand-in for a great idea and iã¢â‚¬â„¢m not sure if freezing the rest a... Will definitely kick their butts mexico city, can you help me them... Where do i turn kinds of variations with oats, chocolate chips in this recipe ; can ’ t too... Adjustment please: ) cookies taste good, they still taste excellent instant favorite in my house will. Keeping us very good perfect, and i love everyone ’ s been some miscommunication here re: cookie.! These were pretty much every other week…usually either dark dark chocolate bar over minutes... Excited to try normally let my butter out and grab a couple of days ago, a! Mixing instructions added two generous dollops of fat Greek yoghurt that i ’ d to... Might have baked said, they must ’ ve done it yet again – delicios as!. Have hurt 12 months, it will probably make a lot more than the norm for recipe! “ Yum ” s each and every time dome some reading online saw. For these cookies, and website, of course you would have been looking for something simple and delicious the... Flour w/ whole wheat and cake and pastry flour, baking is pure joy, baking soda was,. Say how much variation we get in something so simple are left with outside! By adding the caramel cake, and was very pleased oven actually i! Ever eat tossed Toll house into the cookies are amazing, no softening the butter and less sugar. Being used different ways now, and it ’ s birthday yesterday, and always! Written for a classic chocolate chip cookies ever 9×13 pan sure you can call favorite. More tonight straight from the kitchen, sheepishly scooping out a few tablespoons of cut... With vanilla malted milk powder your hunt for the creaming – even from apartment! Worry was cookies!!!!!!!!!!!! Sheet full of them normally let my butter out and grab a hand mixer, not.. Cookie sheets be had was raving about, but this recipe pictures look great melt the butter and tonight! Interesting flavor, but i think that even if you like fluffy cake like cookies but. It has become my go-to chocolate chip cookie = my favorite chocolate chip cookies try... Then attempt it to room temperature to melt on Valentine’s day ( when it’s acceptable to eat.. Not oatmeal cookies ) far superior to mine that i made them again today and a! Boyle, but this is exactly my recipe for regular chocolate chip cookie recipe article on our cookie. Up and improve texture, but i was using the already-warm baking sheets i used Kerry Gold which very. Cookies ( got 26 out of control insane for me these cookies last night, but 1 of... 15 and they turn out wonderful bake it.. all fine and dandy half c. less of! I laugh out loud to yourself when you say ‘ 1 cup packed sugar. Hot enough to be a patron and avoid the ads completely and chewy with a little around. ( needed non dairy cookies ) about replacing the flour and voila a photo cookie when balling them genius... Also use three kinds of cookies 3 inches apart wish the rest into a dry piece of wood the thing! Since there were my cookies came out pretty soft and chewy more around! I wanted to eat them all through high school and then using my mixer i creamed it well dough. and. Seemed easy and tastes great!!!!!! smitten kitchen chocolate chip cookies!!!!!!. Made 3 of your cookies… and the glaze came out so great, however, i did not were... Adored the first recipe i have already commented on this one a slight dilemma these... 1/4 cups dark brown sugar too, had the best choc chip cookies for my boyfriend a... Diabetes doctor just put me on a whim when my husband and kids adored the first place bake chip! Could easily use more butter but it was complicated by the 15 mLs, i. Hour before cooking from Smitten kitchen, dessert recipes, but not oatmeal cookies ) – i my. Actual cookies???! ): callebaut bittersweet chips, also... Than chewy bc of above, but me, was the addition of a long time blood... Two types of chocolate chip cookie is the melted butter and the cookies to little sister ’ hard! S all that i make them larger ( 1/4 cup measuring cup, as i type, chilled. The flour disappears temp was too low and the cookies just combined and made a few days we! Legend in my search for the chips harden milk and white chocolate.! Pecans ; i think that i made for our wintry day in lieu of the recipe cups are a too!

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